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Our Angels are standing by to have a confidential, friendly chat with you, judgement-free and 100% solution- focused, to discuss where you’re currently at financially and the options available to you to set you on the path to financial freedom. 

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We help people dramatically reduce their debt obligation and become debt-free. Since 2015, we have helped our clients save over $15 million dollars.

Debt Angel Solutions offers you a friendly, compassionate, and trustworthy solution to help you break free from debt and provide you with a clear path to financial freedom. We do this in 3 steps!

Founder of Debt Angel Solutions, Kitty Thomas, features in the new Brand Story UNSPOKEN.

Meet the person behind the company that is transforming the conversation around debt and her powerful story from crippling debt to financial freedom and why she believes everyone has the fundamental right to live without the burden of unmanageable debt.

Debt is the UNSPOKEN conversation – a topic that brings to the surface feelings of shame, embarrassment and anxiety. Like all things that hide in the dark, when you shine a light on debt, it becomes less scary and more manageable.

Kitty shares her personal story of overwhelming debt and how she was shocked to discover alternative debt solutions that nobody was talking about when it comes to Debt Negotiation, Debt Management and Debt Reduction, secrets the banks don’t tell people about and how she used these strategies to break free from debt and reclaim her life.

Our 3 Steps to Financial Freedom

Free Financial Consultation and Debt Resolution
Step 1


Discuss your financial position openly in a safe space, with an industry expert who will not only provide guidance and compassion but strategies and solutions tailored to your individual situation.

Step 2


We design and implement a personalised strategy using our industry know-how and experience that will save you time, money, and mental anguish and set you on the path to financial freedom.

Debt Resolution Strategy Planning & Budgeting
Debt Resolution and Financial Solutions
Step 3


We will quickly transform your debt situation. Stopping interest, settling debt for less, waiving debt where appropriate and/or restructuring your loans to make them more manageable.


What Our Clients Say

The Debt Angel Solutions team have been very attentive, respectful and professional while helping me through some challenges. I am very pleased with the communication, customer service and final outcome of our partnership. Thank you Debt Angel Solutions!
Kitty is an unexpected gift from heaven and certainly earned her wings with her company Debt Angel Solutions! She is the most compassionate person, guiding you through your options, never pressuring you and understanding exactly where you are emotionally.
This is not just a debt solution organisation, rather it is an organisation committed to making a difference to anyone who reaches out to them...Thank you Kitty for being so generous with your time and listening, you truly are an Angel.
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What we have to offer

Our Values

Resolution Team

Compassionate Debt Management Team

We are warm and strong, firm 
and kind.

Debt Negotiation

Integrity in Debt resolution and Debt Management

Our word is our promise,
we conduct ourselves ethically.

Debt Management

Colleborative Debt Management Services

We work as a team to secure
the best possible outcomes.

Debt Resolution

Transformative Debt Resolution Results

We shine a light, disrupt the status
quo, and create brighter futures.

Client Case Studies & Results

Customer Success Stories

Read the personal stories and see the life-changing debt management and debt relief results our team has achieved for our clients.

Debt Resolution Case Study - Elizabeth's Story

Paralysed to Promotion
Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth came to Debt Angel Solutions with a debt of $31,578.60 which was made up of credit cards and personal loans.  She came to us stuck in a vicious debt-cycle, only paying off the interest and getting nowhere, she had no clear pathway forward. We executed her “Get Out of Debt” strategy, in which we were able to secure settlements and waivers for her debt and after only 18 months, she is now debt free.

Debt Resolution Case Study - Jennifer's Story

From Abused to Abundant
Jennifer's Story

Jennifer handed over her $63,000 of credit card debt for Debt Angel Solutions to manage.

Five years after the initial conversation, she is now debt free! Her credit card debt of $63k was settled for $28,500, saving her approximately $11,000 interest a year and amazingly, this was done with no long-term impacts on her credit file.

Your Debt Reliefe Plan Manager - Kitty Thomas
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