We help people break free from the

overwhelming pressure of excessive debt.


Debt Angel Solutions helps people dramatically reduce their debt obligations and become debt-free.

Since 2015, we have negotiated and settled over $15 Million dollars of debt for our clients. We do this through our Debt Negotiation, Debt Management and Debt Reduction services.

We take the heaviness and significance of debt distress (or as some of our clients call it – their ‘debt cloud’) away and find the right solutions for our client’s unique situation. By working together with our clients, we implement individually tailored strategies and solutions which ultimately provide our clients the freedom to move forward empowered, and excited about life. We lift the heavy burden of financial stress off people’s shoulders, save them time and money, and provide them with much-needed space and breathing room, allowing them to think clearly, implement their Get Out of Debt Strategy and make clear impactful choices.

Our dedicated team of Angels are experts in their field, coaching and guiding our clients through the process of Debt Negotiation, Debt Management and Debt Reduction.Our team of Angels are all passionate and humbled by the difference they make in our clients’ lives and the unforeseen ripple effect financial freedom provides. Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we work with clients Australia-wide to break the debt cycle once and for all, getting them back on track and thriving sooner than they ever thought possible.

Our Why

We believe everyone has the fundamental right to live without the burden of unmanageable debt.

Our Mission

 To transform the conversation of debt so people are no longer ashamed or embarassed.

Our Values


We are warm and strong,
firm and kind.


Our word is our promise,
we conduct ourselves ethically.


We work as a team to secure
the best possible outcomes.


We shine a light, disrupt the status
quo, and create brighter futures.

You truly are all angels! You lifted the heaviest of weights off my shoulders in a warm, friendly,... encouraging and non judgmental way. I’ll never be able to thank you enough! A special thank you to Kitty who was my first POC and to Maxine that followed me along my journey until the very end, bless you both!read more
When I met Kitty at the start of my journey, I was broke, in debt, injured and couldn’t hold a... conversation without crying.Kitty is so kind, supportive and knew exactly what needed doing to plan my exit from crippling debt. TKitty has not only helped me get out of debt but has given me confidence in myself, which has led me to a wonderful new career, new home and a new perspective on life, which is a wonderful gift to receive.Your strength and integrity is unmatched, and you have chosen amazingly like-minded people to work for you, who genuinely care for us clients.Love, light and joy, from Carly, Harper and Waylon xxxoooread more
Great team Great people to work with understanding the problems I was having balancing my books... really making headway with my debts really listening to my problems and helping me solve my problemsThanks to Debt angels I can see light at the end of the tunnel Cheers to the Gangread more
Dear Kitty, Sophie, Maxine & everyone at the Debt Angels Team - I honestly can't thank you enough... for all the help and hard work you put in for me! I still can't believe I am debt free after so many years of drowning - I think it will be sinking in for a while to come but I finally feel like I can breath again and get on with better things in life rather than struggling and worrying about how i'm going to get by each week. I've still got your postcard on my fridge that I received at the start of my journey with you and am reminded everyday that 'difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations' 🥰 You really are Angels, thank you so so much!! 💜💜💜read more
Absolute superstars. Up front, totally trustworthy and committed team of professionals with a... heart. If you need help of this kind I personally recommend this is where you should go.read more

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