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Stikeez, Disney Words, Lion King Ooshies, Mini Collectables ‘Little Shop 1’ now ‘Little Shop 2’ ……STOP! Enough already! Am I really a bad mum? Is anyone else with me here? Like really, do we need any more obstacles than we already have to stay on budget?

Another thing to collect, another thing that will end up on the floor! More tantrums, more guilt on us parents, for what? Another tiny bit of plastic?!?

Now these little critters, as cute as they look, are basically $30 each! Yes $30!… and to have a whole collection of 24 means you would have to spend $720. For the entire series of 30 Mini Collectables ‘Little Shop 2’, you’ll spend a whopping $900!


These offers don’t hang around long so it’s a shopping race to get them all. Heaven help us if we double up on the same one because I can tell you now, it will be back to the shops to play Russian Roulette for that missing one!

Okay, so how do we keep the kids happy and our budget on track? Let’s be clear, if you’re only shopping with the intention of; how many can I get before they run out? or you run out of time and the promotion finishes. Stop now, re-evaluate what’s important! If it is your regular place to shop and you’re diligent about sticking to your budget, then these little surprise packs just become an added bonus.



Keep focused! Don’t get side-tracked by “If I spend $5 more dollars, I can get another one”. Stick to your budget and don’t cave. It is what it is, the kids still get to collect them but at your pace of shopping. Win, win.

So, delegate the mission, ask around. Maybe you have friends, family, neighbours, who could help collect them for you. Win and double win as you didn’t spend any money!

Double ups, not a drama. The kids can swap the ones they don’t want with friends for the ones they do want, and if that doesn’t work just ask the supermarket when their swap days are. They’re usually on the weekend and towards the end of the promotion so you get the opportunity to swap for what is missing from your collection.


Okay, so now we have happy kids, and we’ve shopped smart without blowing the budget. However, I really can’t guarantee, they won’t end up…on the floor!

Budget Angel x



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