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A New Brand Documentary

Founder of Debt Angel Solutions and The Freedom Shift Academy, Kitty Thomas, features in the new Brand Documentary UNSPOKEN. Meet the person behind the company that is transforming the conversation around debt and her powerful story from crippling debt to financial freedom and why she believes everyone has the fundamental right to live without the burden of unmanageable debt.

Debt is the UNSPOKEN conversation– a topic that brings to the surface feelings of shame, embarrassment and anxiety. Like all things that hide in the dark, when you shine a light on debt, it becomes less scary and more manageable.

Kitty shares her personal story of overwhelming debt and how she was shocked to discover alternative debt solutions that nobody was talking about when it comes to Debt Negotiation, Debt Management and Debt Reduction, secrets the banks don’t tell people about and how she used these strategies to break free from debt and reclaim her life.

Knowing she needed to get the word out about these alternative options on a far greater scale than she had already achieved through her company Debt Angel Solutions and their Done-For-You model, Kitty founded ‘The Freedom Shift Academy’ and created the ‘Breathe Easy’ course that teaches and empowers everyday people how to get out of debt using the very same strategies she and her team use every day to help their clients save time, money and mental anguish so they can get back on track financially and reset their lives.



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