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My name is Kitty. I am the Founder and Director of Debt Angel Solutions and The Freedom Shift Academy.

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge you for taking the first step toward financial freedom. You are receiving this email for one of a few reasons — you may have stumbled upon our website or our social media accounts in search of alternative solutions to managing and ultimately, getting rid of debt or you might be an existing or graduate client of ours. You may be at a point in your life where you’ve had enough of this debt cycle or the situation has gotten so bad you know that you need help to get through it. Or you may be enquiring into what is possible for a friend or a loved one. Either way, it takes a lot of courage to decide to reach out for a helping hand when it comes to solving an unmanageable debt situation and I honor you for that.

2023 is a big year for our team. We will be celebrating our 8th year in business at Debt Angel Solutions and after helping hundreds of people save more than $15 million dollars in debt, we are ready to take the business to another level so we can accommodate more people who are in need of our service. Now more than ever, more and more people are finding themselves in an undesirable debt situation (understandably), and my team and I are committed to helping them get back on track and thriving asap. I am proactively stepping out as a thought leader when it comes to the conversation of debt on a mission to remove the shame and embarrassment/stigma associated while educating and empowering people around the alternative solutions available to them (that their creditors are not telling them about) so they are able to make powerful and informed choices when it comes to their finances, not just their debt.

I’ve said this many times before, no one ever chooses to be in an unmanageable debt situation. It’s not a result of a single decision but rather, it’s many different things that have accumulated, often leading back to a change of circumstances and it’s not always just ‘someone’s fault’. Life happens. Unexpected challenges occur. Economies crash. This is why I feel so strongly that NOW is the time to get rid of the guilt and the shame around debt and for people to know that there is another way. I have done it, our clients have done it and you, too, can get rid of your debt and live a debt-free financially secure future. (Unless of course you are one of our awesome graduate clients who has already done this – woohoo!)

It’s important to know that breaking free from the constraints of debt (WITHOUT entering into a formal debt agreement like Bankruptcy or a Part 9 Debt agreement) is not an overnight process. We are all about creating lasting change and making sure our client, once done with us, never comes back! 🙂 It takes something to address your situation head-on and acknowledge the habits that no longer serve you while creating new ones that do. With our guidance and support, we believe that you can achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

If you haven’t yet (or even if you have and we haven’t spoken in a while), I invite you to jump on a FREE Consult Call so we can have a one-on-one chat, and assess your overall financial situation. At the end of the call, we will discuss the options and strategies that are available to you, based on your unique situation. This is a safe space, and it’s absolutely free. My team and I are 100% solution-focused and we are here to help. To book your FREE Consult Call, click on the link here.

All the Best Now and Always,

Kitty xx



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