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This is not just a debt solution organisation, rather it is an organisation committed to making a... difference to anyone who reaches out to them. I was introduced to Kitty by a friend of mine who suggested we should connect. Initially I didn't think the conversation would be of value given my current situation and the perceived service Debt Angel Solutions provide, regardless I called Kitty. And wow, talk about commitment! Within 10 minutes into the conversation we stablished that I am not an ideal client (within the scope of the services Debt Angel Solutions provide). But despite that Kitty stayed on the call with me for over an hour and asked a lot of questons about what I was dealing with, she then provided super valuable advise and guidance regarding my finances. I walked away from that conversation empowered and enabled to take actions consistent with my financial commitments. Thank you Kitty for being so generous with your time and listening, you truly are an more
My god, these guys are incredible.After helping my mum sort out her finances I got them to take a... look at my fairly unmanageable finances to see what they could do for me.They negotiated with my financial institutions to consolidate my debts, including dramatically reducing the amount owing AND, here's the clincher, managed to make ALL my debts interest free so I can actually manage to get on top of things. This was life changing. Don't hesitate. They are beyond good and Maxine was an utter treat to deal with. Don't call them tomorrow. CALL THEM NOW!read more
Thank you Kitty and Sophie! They gave me really good advice on how to raise my credit! Thank you so... much! Definitely recommend!read more
Great team Great people to work with understanding the problems I was having balancing my books... really making headway with my debts really listening to my problems and helping me solve my problemsThanks to Debt angels I can see light at the end of the tunnel Cheers to the Gangread more
I was absolutely blown away by my initial contact with Kitty, who was warm, open, completely... without judgement of our mess, and above all she spoke honestly and immediately of what the plan of action was. No fluffing about ‘successful strategies’ or ‘proven methods’ without any mention of what that actually entailed. Just exact steps and expected outcomes, hard and fast and – above all – completely achievable.A truly dedicated team who are changing the lives of those who felt like they had no other more