Elizabeth – Paralysed to Promotion

Elizabeth came to Debt Angel Solutions with a debt of $31,578.60 which was made up of credit cards and personal loans.  She came to us stuck in a vicious debt-cycle, only paying off the interest and getting nowhere, she had no clear pathway forward. We executed her “Get Out of Debt” strategy, in which we were able to secure settlements and waivers for her debt and after only 18 months, she is now debt free.


Jennifer Harwood – From Abused to Abundant

Jennifer handed over her $63,000 of credit card debt for Debt Angel Solutions to manage. Five years after the initial conversation, she is now debt free! Her credit card debt of $63k was settled for $28,500, saving her approximately $11,000 interest a year and amazingly, this was done with no long-term impacts on her credit file. 


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Debt Angel Solutions are the Angels that are right there when you need them to be. The team are... incredibly helpful and compassionate. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get ahead and get out of Debt.read more
When I met Kitty at the start of my journey, I was broke, in debt, injured and couldn’t hold a... conversation without crying.Kitty is so kind, supportive and knew exactly what needed doing to plan my exit from crippling debt. TKitty has not only helped me get out of debt but has given me confidence in myself, which has led me to a wonderful new career, new home and a new perspective on life, which is a wonderful gift to receive.Your strength and integrity is unmatched, and you have chosen amazingly like-minded people to work for you, who genuinely care for us clients.Love, light and joy, from Carly, Harper and Waylon xxxoooread more
Kitty is a star.Helped me out big time and has become a friend for life.She is... compassionate,passionate and motivating.Super good human!read more
I was absolutely blown away by my initial contact with Kitty, who was warm, open, completely... without judgement of our mess, and above all she spoke honestly and immediately of what the plan of action was. No fluffing about ‘successful strategies’ or ‘proven methods’ without any mention of what that actually entailed. Just exact steps and expected outcomes, hard and fast and – above all – completely achievable.A truly dedicated team who are changing the lives of those who felt like they had no other option.read more
Kitty took the time to help me with tips for my 2 debts..she was warm and caring I appreciate her... call and thank you Kitty for your kind wordsread more