Elizabeth – Paralysed to Promotion

Elizabeth came to Debt Angel Solutions with a debt of $31,578.60 which was made up of credit cards and personal loans.  She came to us stuck in a vicious debt-cycle, only paying off the interest and getting nowhere, she had no clear pathway forward. We executed her “Get Out of Debt” strategy, in which we were able to secure settlements and waivers for her debt and after only 18 months, she is now debt free.


Jennifer Harwood – From Abused to Abundant

Jennifer handed over her $63,000 of credit card debt for Debt Angel Solutions to manage. Five years after the initial conversation, she is now debt free! Her credit card debt of $63k was settled for $28,500, saving her approximately $11,000 interest a year and amazingly, this was done with no long-term impacts on her credit file. 


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When I first heard about Kitty it was from a friend who shared how Kitty had helped her transform... her financial situation from debt to being able to breathe again. At that time, I knew I needed a little of that financial transformation myself so I reached out and called her.Kitty is an unexpected gift from heaven and certainly earned her wings with her company Debt Angel Solutions! She is the most compassionate person, guiding you through your options, never pressuring you and understanding exactly where you are emotionally. She goes to work on your behalf, negotiating to get debts slashed down, providing solutions that allow you to meet your repayments without stress and most importantly, giving you the ability to breathe again.If you are in debt distress and feeling completely overwhelmed, you need to talk to Kitty, she is a true lifesaver!read more
Absolutely a pleasure working with this team. Amazing and cheerful people. They made me feel very... comfortable and we had a great time working together. Thank you Kitty, Charli and the rest of this beautiful team!read more
Can not speak highly enough about Debt Angels. If you are sceptical, don’t be!!I was resigned to... the fact that I would be forever in debt. I was being hounded by numerous collection agencies and slowly falling further behind.Debt angels have literally pulled me from the depths while saving me an incredible amount of money. I have almost paid off all my debts! It’s amazing what these guys can do.All the team are great as well.Thank you Debt Angels!I wish I was better with words to explain just how amazing they areread more
Absolute superstars. Up front, totally trustworthy and committed team of professionals with a... heart. If you need help of this kind I personally recommend this is where you should go.read more
If i could give Kitty 10 Stars, I absolutely would.Kitty has always gone above and beyond to give... me the best advice and I can’t thank her enough for guidance thats always in my best interest.Amazing companyread more