Our 3-Step
Debt Management Process

Debt Negotiation Reduces Your Overall Debt

Our team of Angels has the experience, knowledge, empathy, and passion to guide you through your Get-Out-Of-Debt Journey!

We will be with you every step of the way to coach and guide you, lift you up on those tough days, inspire and motivate you to stay the course, educate you so that you can not only recover but stay debt- free and of course, Debt’O’Nate your existing debts!

Our team of Angels will guide you through your Get-Out-Of-Debt Journey!

We do this 3 steps to financial freedom

Debt Resolution & Management Service Guide
Step 1


We start with a confidential discussion to get a clear understanding of your financial position and what your debts are costing you. We listen to you with compassion, without judgment and then using our industry knowledge and information about your individual situation, we will discuss your proposed Get- Out-Of-Debt Strategy.

Step 2


When you’re ready to move forward, you will be provided your very own Debt Angel (Case Manager) who will onboard your accounts and notify your creditors so that we can start to negotiate with them on your behalf, thereby stopping you from receiving all those stressful creditor calls and unwanted letters.

Your personalised Get-Out-Of-Debt Strategy will save you time, money, and mental anguish and set you on the path to financial freedom.

Debt Resolution & Management Service Guide
Step 3


We will quickly transform your debt situation by reducing or stopping interest, settling debt for less, partially or fully waiving your debt where appropriate and/or restructuring your loans to make them more manageable.

An integral part of our service is to work with our clients to remove the obstacles that are stopping them from breaking free from debt. With regular communication with your Debt Angel, we will help you implement and manage accountability structures to get you financially empowered and back on track.

Reset Your Life! Our holistic approach is guaranteed to put you in a far better financial position saving you time, money and mental distress. We will help you implement new financial strategies, empower you around money mindfulness and give you the ability to break free from debt once and for all. In turn, allowing you to create the life you want free from the constraints of debt.

A change in circumstances such as loss of income, medical issues or a divorce/separation is often a major contributor to overwhelming debt and financial hardship. These and other life-changing situations can happen to anyone through no fault of their own and can wreak havoc on a household budget.

Debt can leave you feeling like you are stuck in a vicious cycle, living payday to payday, barely paying off the interest, rarely, if ever, paying down the principle of the debt, scared of damaging your credit file worried about what people might think, and doing everything in your power to avoid bankruptcy.

Are you ready to start your debt-free journey?

Are you proactive?

Debt Negotiation, Debt Management, and Debt Reduction are not a ‘free lunch’ for people who don’t feel like paying their debts. If you find yourself in a legitimate financial hardship situation and you would prefer to proactively work things out with your creditors rather than declare bankruptcy, then Debt Angel Solutions can provide an alternative debt relief solution based on your individual situation.

Are you committed?

Your level of commitment to staying the course, even when the road might get a little bumpy, often determines success. The commitment to following our coaching and guidance along with the tailored strategy and plan of action that we create for your unique circumstance will result in us being able to get you through your financial difficulties faster than you ever thought possible at a fraction of the cost.

Client Case Studies & Results

Client Success Stories

Read the personal stories and see the life-changing debt management & debt relief results our team has achieved for our clients

Paralysed to Promotion
Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth came to Debt Angel Solutions with a debt of $31,578.60 which was made up of credit cards and personal loans.  She came to us stuck in a vicious debt-cycle, only paying off the interest and getting nowhere, she had no clear pathway forward. We executed her “Get Out of Debt” strategy, in which we were able to secure settlements and waivers for her debt and after only 18 months, she is now debt free.

From Abused to Abundant
Jennifer's Story

Jennifer handed over her $63,000 of credit card debt for Debt Angel Solutions to manage.

Five years after the initial conversation, she is now debt free! Her credit card debt of $63k was settled for $28,500, saving her approximately $11,000 interest a year and amazingly, this was done with no long-term impacts on her credit file.


What Our Clients Say

The Debt Angel Solutions team have been very attentive, respectful and professional while helping me through some challenges. I am very pleased with the communication, customer service and final outcome of our partnership. Thank you Debt Angel Solutions!
Kitty is an unexpected gift from heaven and certainly earned her wings with her company Debt Angel Solutions! She is the most compassionate person, guiding you through your options, never pressuring you and understanding exactly where you are emotionally.
This is not just a debt solution organisation, rather it is an organisation committed to making a difference to anyone who reaches out to them...Thank you Kitty for being so generous with your time and listening, you truly are an Angel.
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Your Debt Reliefe Plan Manager - Kitty Thomas
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