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This one is close to my heart and for all you cherub parents out there……You know who you are! The ones who do everything for everybody else, the ones who give before they get, the ones who put others before themselves, hold families together, offer their last cookie and is willing to spend their last dollar for anyone but themselves…..You guys ROCK!

I don’t think anyone, other than another person going or have gone through hard times, really understand the mental turmoil and sacrifices you make just to keep your family afloat!

How many times have you held your breath, in anticipation of that momentary feeling of security, as that long-awaited pay clears? Only to watch it uncontrollably siphon back out with obligatory commitments! Once again overwhelmed by the gripping fear of uncertainty, the endless juggling of bills, budgeting and precise calculations just to make ends meet, will we be okay?

Feeling alone and isolated with unrestful minds, screaming on the inside hoping someone out there will hear your battling thoughts. Tirelessly searching for a way out and a glimmer of hope for any opportunity, just to make things a little better.

The feeling of guilt as you watch your beautiful children grow up in an environment far different from the one you had dreamed for. Holding your breath for the next time you hear, “can I have one”, knowing you’ll have to say no.

The anxiety of standing at the checkout and praying it goes through, overwhelming relief, when it does but the sheer panic when it declines. Looking in your cupboard and fridge and all you see is empty space, but somehow you wing it again and manage to make another meal out of nothing!

Angered at the world for being dealt these cards! Not being able to provide any more than the basic needs. Relentlessly fighting back, time and time again, always on edge and longing for a rest. Just for a while!


But each time life knocks you down, you get back up! Why? Because you are YOU! An extraordinary rock of strength, courage, and determination. You find strength when you feel weak, you have perseverance when all hope looks lost. You are the sunshine that hides the burdens.



You are the umbrella that shields them from worry, and the bubble of security that surrounds them daily. You are the gentle smile of love and the reassurance of hope. You are their world!

We stand together! Each, with our own story to tell, our own dreams to live and our own aspirations to conquer! Through challenges we face, stand strong and be brave. Be proud of who you are and in everything you’re doing. Awesome job cherubs!……..TOGETHER WE STAND STRONG!

Budget Angel xx



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